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Installment loans from EastLineLending.com offer you a way to get the cash you need to cover life’s little emergencies without the harsh repayment terms of a traditional payday loan. Unlike traditional payday loans that expect you to pay everything back plus finance charges and interest in one lump sum payment our fast cash installment loans let you pay back what you owe with fixed payments over time.

Loan Agreement

This example illustrates our Multiple Advance Loan: If your Maximum Advance Amount or credit limit is $1,000, you may request advances in the first 60 days up to $500.00, in the next 60 days up to $750.00, and for the remainder of the Advance Period up to $1,000. You can request Advances during the one year Advance Period at any time and as many times as you wish. The minimum amount of any Subsequent Advance is $50.00, and is only available in $25.00 increments. Subsequent Advances may be accessed through our website or by calling us.

This chart shows you the limits of the advances you may take:

From day 1 to 60: 50% of the credit limit

From day 61 to 120: 75% of the credit limit

From day 121 to 365: 100% of the credit limit

Your account must remain in good standing to be eligible for Subsequent Advances.  Capitalized terms used here have the meaning given to those terms in the Multiple Advance Consumer Loan Agreement.

Loan Amounts

  • Minimum Loan Amount: $200
  • Maximum Loan Amount for First-Time Borrowers: $3,000
  • Maximum Loan Amount for Returning Customers: $10,000

After the advance of the Initial Loan Amount, additional advances shall be in $25 increments. The Maximum loan advance is 50% of the approved Maximum Loan Amount. However, collective cash advances in the 59-day period after the initial cash advance cannot be more than 50% of the Maximum Loan Amount. Customer accounts in good standing for 60 days or more after the initial cash advance may be subject to an APR reduction.

Interest Rate on Loans

Interest rate is the percentage of the principal of a loan a lender charges a borrower to make the loan. Finance charges are a broader measure of the cost of borrowing that include both interest and any applicable fees. Annual percentage rate, or APR, expresses the finance charges on a loan as a yearly rate. Finance charges are based on a consumer’s creditworthiness. A consumer’s creditworthiness is determined by several factors, including credit and payment history, income, employment, existing debt, and types of debt. You can reduce the total cost of your loan by paying off your loan prior to your last due date on your payment schedule or by making additional payments on or between your payment due dates.

Your loan details including the terms and conditions of credit and Truth in Lending Disclosures including the Annual Percentage Rate, the Finance Charge, the Amount Financed, the Total of Payments, and the Payment Schedule will be disclosed to you in your loan agreement.   Upon providing any Subsequent Advances, we will again disclose updated Truth in Lending Disclosures including the Annual Percentage Rate, the Finance Charge, the Amount Financed, the Total of Payments, and the Payment Schedule.  Contact us today to see if you qualify for one of our loans. We can assist you and present a range of payment options for which you may qualify.

Our Company adheres to all federal laws and regulations that apply to short term and online personal lending. Our company does not discriminate against credit applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age, because all or part of an applicant’s income derives from any public assistance program, or because an applicant has in good faith exercised any right under the Consumer Credit Protection Act.

Please note: This is an expensive form of borrowing, and it is not intended to be a long-term financial solution. These loans are designed to assist you in meeting your short-term financial needs and are not intended to be a long-term financial solution.

Fee Summary

The finance charge applied to your loan will be clearly disclosed, both in terms of dollar amount of interest and APR (annual percentage rate) on your loan agreement. We provide accurate and comprehensive fee disclosures on your loan agreement in accordance with the federal Truth in Lending Act and other regulations.

Due Date Options

Your first payment is due on your following pay date. If that day happens to fall on a weekend or holiday, the payment will be due on either the business day immediately prior to or the business date immediately following; this will be specified in your loan agreement.

If you need to change your payment schedule for any reason, you must notify eastlinelending.com at least three (3) business days prior to the next payment date you are scheduled to make.

You will be sent reminders via email outlining your due date options prior to the due date.

Funding Timeframes

Loan Applications approved and processed by 12:30pm CST of any business day will be funded the same day; Loan Applications approved and processed after 12:30pm CST will be funded by the next business day. In either case, your bank may add additional time for funds to clear and be made available to your bank account. Check with your bank for their transfer timeframes.

Please note, additional incoming wire service fees may be applied by your bank. It is strongly recommended to verify if your bank will apply those fees, that your account is eligible to receive wire transfers, and when your bank will make those funds available to you.


There are no penalties for paying your loan off early. In fact, East Line Lending LLC encourages customers to pay off their loan as quickly as possible to reduce the total finance charges.

Collection and Use of Bank Account Information

If we extend credit to a consumer, we will consider the bank account information provided by the consumer as eligible for us to process payments against. In addition, as part of our information collection process, we may detect additional bank accounts under the ownership of the consumer. We will consider these additional accounts to be a part of the application process for underwriting and verification purposes only. We always obtain prior separate customer authorization when trying to obtain additional customer bank account information as a potential payment option.

For more details about this service and other terms of your loan, please refer to our Terms of Use.
We do not always lend in every state. Our states of operation change frequently, please check back periodically to see if we are doing business in your state
If you have any questions about East Line Lending LLC  please contact us or check out our FAQ for further information. Our hours of operation are 7AM CST – 7PM CST, Monday – Friday. However, you can always email us at support@eastlinelending.com

New borrowers can qualify for up to $3,000 and existing customers with a good payment history can qualify for up to $10,000. *Pursuant to § 22-8 of the Menominee Tribal Ordinances, each Advance constitutes a Loan. The maximum allowable amount of each Advance shall not exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) during the Advance Period.

We verify applicant and credit information through national databases including, but not limited to, Clarity, Factor Trust, and Microbilt.

Loan Applications approved and processed by 2:00 PM CST of any business day will be funded the same day; Loan Applications approved and processed after 2:00 PM CST will be funded by the next business day. Unavoidable delays that occur as a result of bank holidays, the processing schedule of your particular bank, inadvertent processing errors, “acts of God,” and/or “acts of terror” may extend the time for the deposit and may cause a change in the Disbursement Date as disclosed herein.

East Line Lending LLC is an economic arm and instrumentality of the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin, a federally recognized sovereign Indian nation (the “Tribe”) that adheres to federal consumer finance laws and operates within the boundaries of the Tribe's reservation. East Line Lending LLC is chartered under and operates pursuant to Tribal Law. Funds borrowed from East Line Lending LLC are governed by federal law and the laws of the Tribe, not the law of the state where you reside. Nothing in this communication should be construed as a waiver of sovereign immunity, which is expressly reserved.

Please note: This is an expensive form of credit. East Line Lending’s loans are designed to assist you in meeting your short-term borrowing needs and are not intended as a long-term credit or financial solution. Examples of unexpected emergencies for which this credit might be used are: car repair bills, medical care, or essential travel expenses. Appropriate alternatives to East Line Lending’s credit product are: cash advances, personal loans, home equity lines of credit, existing savings, or borrowing from a friend or relative, as such alternatives may be less expensive and a better fit for your financial needs.

The Annual Percentage Rate (“APR”) as applied to your loan will range from 630%-780% depending on your payment schedule, pay frequency, loan term, and the amount of your loan. Non- payment may result in additional fees and collection activities as described in your loan agreement and as allowed by Tribal and applicable federal law.

Credit products obtained through this website are not available to residents of all states and state availability may change from time to time without notice. Currently, residents of Arkansas, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin are not eligible for a loan from East Line Lending.

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  • East Line Lending supports efforts to combat fraud in the lending industry. If you believe you have been a victim of fraud, please contact your local law enforcement authority and the Online Lenders Alliance Consumer Hotline at (866) 299-7585.

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